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INNOPHENE Company Limited (“The Innovation of Graphene”), found in 2011, is the high-tech startup company that focused on the Organic and Printed Electronic business with the patented technology on “Oxygen-free Graphene Conductive Ink”. Graphene is a recently NOBLE PRIZE winning material that has their various amazing properties, especially in the electrical conductivity. Our scientist team has discovered and patented how to produce the quality and affordable Graphene Conductive ink with the Green Technology in order to create near zero waste and low energy consumption in our production.

Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont, Director, Nano-electronics and MEMS Lab at National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), NSTDA, had discovered how wisely to produce the 2D Graphene Ink. The patent-pending technology (Patent No. 1001001731) can build our competitive advantage as the World-class Graphene conductive ink manufacturer; we will offer the better performance, completive price and fully technical support to many related industries.There are 5 industrial segments to focus on, 1) RFID Industry 2) Electronicand mobile ComponentsIndustry, 3) Smart Objects Industry including smart card application, E-book, etc., 4) Alternative Energy such as Solar cell and Battery industry and 5) Medical device Industry, focused on bio-sensors application.

Our Mission: “Creating Value-added Technology for Industries”
Our Vision: “The world class innovator in Organic and Printed Electronic business”


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