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We realized that the sustainable business model must depend on the knowledge based organization and their innovation. Innophene has changed the way of inner thinking to become the knowledge sharing center. We have created the new concept of a research center that not only focuses on the scientific researches and technologies, but also emphasis in design and marketing as well. The Huckleberry Research center is an innovative, affordable, and reliable research service for the companies who are looking for create any products and application of the Organic and Printed Electronic, Flexible and Plastic Electronic, or Graphene related.

Huckleberry Research Center (HRC)

The Huckleberry Research Center is a leader for commercial innovation located in the Thailand Science Park, North area of Bangkok. We work closely with the researchers and technical team in NSTDA and their networks to create an appropriated technology for the clients purpose. On the other hands, we also have the Industrial designers, Graphic designers and Marketing researchers to cope with the project at the beginning of the products development.

The Huckleberry Research Center has ASEAN pioneer research work in the fields of Organic and Printed Electronic and the related application. There are varieties of works in this area such as Medical device and sensors, RFID component and applications, Electronic components as well as the life-style flexible electronics devices. The HRC is the only Thai first research center that focused on Design, Marketing, and Applied Technology in Printed electronic based. We enhance the technology of large scale electronic printing, flexible and plastic electronic thin and slim as well as transparent feature to apply the technology to the real world. Our focus is how to develop the OP-E products to the Asia market.


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